Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's Your Credit Score?

For the past 2 years or so that stupid jingle has been stuck in my head!

Well.....not really, but it was catchy and served it's purpose as a marketing and advertising tool.

It brought me to visit the website a couple times to check it out, but they never won me over as a customer because for some reason I would always get sketched out by it and had the feeling that there was always a catch and that, in the end, it wasn't worth it.

So, what is the solution to actively being able to monitor your credit?

I ran into this website a couple months ago. It too seemed too good to be true, but I did my due diligence and learned that it really was going to deliver what I needed when it came to watching my credit. was founded in 2008 and it's goal is to provide free credit scores to consumers.

I really liked what I found when I got set up with my account. Multiple features helped me to better understand my credit situation and why my score is what it is.  It also has the ability to simulate different scenarios to help you understand what you can do to raise your credit score.

With the credit crunch that has taken place over the past 3 years, it is more important than ever to be on top of our credit scores and I feel this site has come up with the solution. and why is it free? It's simple. The targeted cross-selling of financial products. Okay, that doesn't sound simple, but it's as easy as bringing in revenue from advertising different financial products that are in any way related to your credit. Through this revenue they are able to generate enough to cover all associated costs, thus giving it to the consumer, us, for free!

Check it out....I hope you are as pleased as I have been.

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